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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Been doing some crafty things lately to take my mind of things.  Plus Matt has to watch movies for work so it keeps my hands busy when I watch the movies.  Below are some of my latest creations.  My Mom introduced me to a different kind of yarn that makes some pretty swirly scarfs.  I still like my crocheted swirly scarfs but these ones are really pretty and quicker to do.  

Scarf I made for Matt's Grandma after his Grandad passed away.

Just a swirly scarf I made for the fun of it, who wants one?

And a shinny swirly scarf for the fun of it. 

Messing around crocheting and made this cute hat.  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer has ended

It's still really hot here but my summer has now ended and turned into my long back to school work days.  This week my shortest day was today at 11.5 hours, and I won't have a day off till some point in September.  It's all good though work is what pays my bills so I can live a life I want too.  These long days now pay off for the shorter ones in the summer and the few long weekends I take later in the semesters.  All in all I had an excellent summer, from the fishing trips to the extended travel trips to Flagstaff and New York.  I remember as a kid fishing at the pond with my siblings and how the day would just pass away up there.  The first few trips up on the Mesa we caught nothing but it was still fun to be out with friends in a beautiful environment.  I finally caught a fish on my third trip out and at work when I was showing the picture of my fish, I was informed of how big of a Brookie I had caught was for the Mesa.  Which made me so happy and I haven't seen a Brookie caught at all the rest of the summer, just Rainbow Trout and I believe we were told Craig's was a Graylin, which shouldn't be stocked on the Mesa. but that's enough on Fishing.  Trip to New York was great.  I got to spend some quality time with family, even ended up bring home a cute dress that belonged to my Grandma Bratt.  The dress was the only one that fitted, I did try one some of my Aunt's old fancy dresses which helped encourage my cousin to try them on in the hopes she wears one. Also when I was there headed up to one of the county fairs where I saw some people that I was probably 8 the last time we were each other presence so that was kinda cool.  Well this is long enough post being all that use to read these have stopped blogging themselves.  Here's a picture of my big Fish that tasted very yummy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Farmer's Markets

Attended the first Farmer's Market of the year tonight downtown.  It was a very nice market much bigger than I was expecting, both with venders and the amount of people that were there.  I really enjoyed the band that was playing by the water fountain.  This fountain is one that all the children play in, of course I have played in it a time or two.  : ) Being a huge fan of live music of course I stayed and listened to the Bottle Cap Boys for a good while.   I feel that my Thursday nights will now consist of a walk through the downtown Farmer's Market.  Next week I'll make sure to have some cash to actually purchase some of the good looking produce that the people are selling.   Now I need to keep it short tonight.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Time

I am fan of all seasons and love them all.   Each one brings its own joys and adventures.  My summers since I was in college consisted of me leaving and working at summer camps in varies places.  Last year ended that when I needed to stay in Flagstaff and work and while this year my boss simply would not let me take the summer off, guess that's part of growing up.  I can't complain, my summer here has already brought on some exciting adventures.  My days at work are shorter which makes for lots of personal time.

Two weeks ago was a three day weekend and the guy filling in for catering manager offered to work the Tuesday and Wednesday after the weekend so I could take a mini vacation.  So I packed up for the short road trip back to Flagstaff to visit with my Friends.  Of course no one wants to drive 8 hours by themselves so I made my best friend here come along.  KJosh had never been to Arizona before so he was in for a treat.  Everyone was making plans before my arrival in which case I have no clue why its not we ever stick to the plans.  The only plan that we stuck to was a trip to the Valley to party with Chris, Theresa and some other Phoenix folks.

The first night consisted of food at a locale pizza shop followed by brings and catch up at the old watering hole Charlie's/ Zane Grey.  Good times were had that night little too chilly for the patio but also nice and refreshing to sit and people watch below.  Saturday was the trip to Phoenix with a car show and small party.  Sunday Breakfast was consumed with the lovely Rachel.  After many turn arounds back to Chris's for forgotten items a drive up to Sedona to stop at the creek and show Kjosh the beautiful area.  Monday was spent showing him downtown and going on hike in Canyon near by.  Nights of Karaoke at the Green Room were a most just because thats what I did in my days.  Tuesday I spent visiting with old work and getting advice and sharing what I am doing now.  Wednesday was a the good bye to my friends and drive back to Junction.  Of course we took the detour to show Kjosh the grand canyon.  It was a great trip and more will come of it.  We are all trying to plan a meet up in Moab, UT one of these weekends.

Been on a few good hikes here in Junction.  Gone fishing once and going back today here in a little while.   Spent the past week house and duck sitting for a lady at work.  The Ducks were so silly, they sit outside the glass door quacking and waiting for you to go outside to play, but once out there would care less about you.  silly silly duckies I loved every minute of it.

I leave you now with pictures of my adventures thus far.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Helping out

After work I headed to the mall,  because I needed to pick up some things at Target.  Because I was there I figured why not go for a stroll.  In which case I found some sweet hot pink biker shorts that will be great for running. : )  Anyways once I picked up the items needed from Target.  As I am walking to my car this Lady stops me for help.  She was in a scooter thing and had dropped something.  I sat my bags down and picked it up for her. (not gonna lie, a thought was running in my head here's when the thieving man runs up and steals my stuff, That did not happen and sorta ashamed of myself for thinking it).  I may have got  weird when she asked me to find her keys in her purse, just because you have to be complete trusting to left someone go through your purse.  I found them and loaded her bags into her car, keys in the ignition and purse between the seats.  She then took me to the back of the car so I could open it and see how the scooter would have to be loaded after she was in the car.  I help her into her car, to learn she has MS and it is taking over her legs.   I felt sad for her as I could tell she was upset for not being to do more movements with her legs.  We ended up ripping her pants, felt really bad when that happened, as she was shifting off the lift onto the car seat.  Now the fun part was when I had to ride the scooter to the back of the car to load it, the scoot went way faster with me on it than when she was driving it.  As I dropped the basket on it and was putting it back on a nice man walks up.  He asks if I am having fun?  I was embarrassed more than anything for not being able to control the thing.  He states I see your helping my wife she don't know I am here.  He shows me how to load the thing exchange a few friendly words and thanks me.  Her husband made the statement that she used to do it by herself now she just finds someone volunteer to do it.  This experience only brings back memories of going to the nursing homes with the scouts and 4-H and them enjoying the young people.  It also causes me to remember a few experiences with Grandpa the summers I was staying with.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer is here

Summer hours have started at work.  So excited about this I may be there at 6:30 in the morning but I am free to leave at 2.  So my ten to 12 hour days are now only eight, Exciting happiness.  On Friday I was able to go and get my Colorado licensee, or at least file for it they send it in the mail.  Today I may have been out later due taking time this morning to get my blood drawn for a retest of my complete blood counts.  Any who the weather is crazy nice this week reaching high 80's.  So many parks in this town so I spend my afternoons reading a book or hula hooping at the park.  Pumped by my sport balls today so I am hoping to find a friend who wants to go play game with me.  Which I don't think will be too hard, people seem to enjoy active life here.  Oh and the greatest part of summer is I get to take a vacation,  so I may need some ideas of where I should this year.  I know I would love to visit people but I think we should meet somewhere that I haven't been so it can be a grand adventure.  Funds are also sorta limited so flights must be somewhat cheap.  At on point there was talk about a road trip but I am not really sure how the timing will go so that may be out. Ok I am off gonna go look at this pretty sunset.    

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Eating habits

I have recently been informed that I eat a lot.   I over heard a few weeks ago employees talking about how  I am always eating.  Funny I didn't think at all that I am always eating or that I eat a lot.  The other day my boss walks up to the executive chef, who I was having a conversation with, carrying  a triple cheeseburger and he wasn't gonna eat so I did.  Of course they are the little 5:1 burgers and the top bun was removed no need to eat that extra bread.  Right after the last bit went in my mouth the other manager asked "did you really just eat the whole thing?"  "Yes of course." With in the hour someone gave me two scoops of ice cream and was caught eating it.   Okay what's the big deal I ate the burgers followed by the ice cream?  It's normal...
Two days ago during lunch I ate a burrito to me it wasn't that big but again as the last bits going in my mouth,  it was stated "I can't believe you ate all that."  a little laugh to be asked by the other one I'm eating lunch with "Do you eat like that on dates and more than all your boyfriends?"  reply have to date to find out maybe this is why I am single I eat too much.  Later that day as I am eating an apple I ask the one who stated I eat a lot if he was gonna eat all his burrito, his reply "no want most of it?"  I then said you most be calling me fat.  Nope just saying you eat a lot.
I have come to realize that yes it appears that I eat a lot.  However I feel that I just eat my two bigger meals Breakfast and Lunch,  and through out the day I tend to snack on the cookies, and fruits.
I did tell the boss man that my newest goal was to get a belly like to fit in with the rest of them.  He laughed and said seriously though you most have a fast metabolism.
In February running came back into my life and now that I get about 12 miles in a week running, food is what gives a person the energy to run.
To me it is funny and they can all crack jokes about it.  However I see them eating all the time too, their thing is that they don't finish the plate of food they take.  I just have a problem with not finishing my plate,  no need to waste it.  Cookies, cake and ice cream are vary hard items to say no too, especially that the cookies are fresh and warm daily.

Okay enough rant on my food eating problems.  Gotta get my run in to wear off all the food intake from today.  Peace out